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Professional Support at St George's Youth Centre

Professional Support at St George's Youth Centre.

Co-operation and communication with family members is an integral aspect of an adolescent’s development and recovery.

A successful recovery entails giving both family members and residents the space to develop stronger lines of communication. It’s important to keep in mind that both teenagers and their guardians play a significant role in the teen’s actions, addiction, and recovery. By involving parents and guardians in teen treatment programmes, all parties will learn how to recognize signs of addiction and how best to support the teenager.

St George’s endeavors to make everyone feel included in the process and by having parents/guardians get involved in the resident’s process, strengthening of the family dynamic takes place as a result. Family sessions between residents and family facilitated by members of the multidisciplinary team are a significant part of the programme and in conjunction with these parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in support groups. For those who have a loved one or family member in treatment, support groups can be an educational tool. They offer insights into what addiction or behavioral problems do to an individual and those surrounding them. The support of others' with similar situations also affords emotional and psychological comfort and a place to share.

St George’s hosts a monthly support group for parents and teens both in and out of the programme to address different recovery topics such as relapse prevention, coping skills, communication, boundaries, and how to recognize signs of addiction.

Conjoined therapeutic sessions together with the resident

Professional Caregivers

Centre Manager

Dot de Graaf

B.Ed (Unisa), BA Psychology (Unisa – Current)

Doctor (Psychiarist)

Dr Clementine Chawane

Bsc (Medunsa), MBChB (UKZN), FCPssych (SA)

Senior Social Worker

Ivettte Van Der Watt

BA Psychology, BA Hons Social Worker, Hons Psychology (UJ)


Chloe Tuck

BA Psychology (UNISA), Hons Psychology (UJ)

Professional Nurse

Pelenomi Letebele

B Cur(Medunsa), B Cur [I et A] (Sefako Makgatho University), B Cur [Hons] Nursing Education (Upington University)

Onsite staff (Caregivers)

Leonie Caroline Van Jaarsveldt

Evelyn Mudzvovera


Angelina Ramasela Nkoana 

Ground staff

Eugene Rodrick Hadebe

Drotter Nkosi

St. George’s pets

2 dogs Izzy and Bella (security guards)