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About St Georges Youth Centre

The Healing Wings St Georges Youth Centre metamorphized  from a reintegration centre into a specialist youth centre for girls and was officially opened in May 2022.  Our passion and focus is to meet the need for behavioral and substance misuse treatment for adolescent girls. Our living facility is homely, understanding the need for belonging and safety to support efficacy in therapeutic, behavioral and life skills treatment.  The program is holistic and provides a structured, and routine-based framework in which residents are guided and encouraged to practice discipline, balance and vulnerability as solid building blocks in recovery.

St Georges provides comfortable accommodation and offers a range of therapeutic support and additional amenities, to ensure that each resident is afforded the platform to grow and develop, at an manageable pace.

The St Georges Multi-Disciplinary team, guides residents through the learning and implementing of treatment tools and skills, whilst undergoing therapeutic intervention and support. Residents are afforded freedom within the structure of our rules and regulations, as well as the benefit of an individual treatment and reintegration plans. 

Our therapeutic program is versatile, understanding that each resident requires personal and thorough intervention. With this in mind, the 42-day program comprises therapeutic and life skills theme’s including (not limited to):

  • Behavioural adjustment models
  • Substance Misuse Treatment
  • Life Skills lessons
  • Personal Development skills
  • Interactive Topic Specific group sessions.

Strengthening of the family dynamic is integral in the longevity of the therapeutic programme and it is important for parents/guardian’s to be personally involved in the residents process. To this end, St Georges Youth Centre facilitates family meetings with parents/guardians of each resident. This involves family therapy sessions, progress feedback and attendance to recommended external support groups. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate. 

The following additional resources are in place for parents/guardian’s to maintain involvement for the duration of the resident’s program and to assist in the successful reintegration of the resident back into the family structure and society.

Our Mission and Vision is to build and develop self-confidence, self-motivation, and self-respect.

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