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Our Individual Treatment Program & Benefits

Each resident is allocated a complete professional team to work with in developing their Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) which is holistic. The ITP Comprises:

  • Full Case Management with a Social Worker
  • Weekly individual therapy with a psychologist (individual Medical Aid dependent or charged at private rates to the individual)
  • Psychiatric evaluation and review (individual Medical Aid dependent or charged at private rates to the individual)
  • Interactive group therapy sessions including therapeutic models focused on life skills development, personal development, and creative therapy.
  • 12 - step program 
  • Exercise program 
  • Platform to continue with schooling, in collaboration with the resident’s current school (provided the school permits and is willing to assist)
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Nature Therapy 
  • Daily assigned duties 

Each resident will undergo a background assessment with a Social Worker and will be introduced to the St. Georges Adolescent Facility in a comprehensive orientation session.

The full program ahead will be explained and the resident will be introduced to her individual case manager. The therapeutic program is versatile, understanding that each resident requires personal and thorough intervention. With this in mind, the 42-day program comprises therapeutic and life skills theme’s including (not limited to):

  • Behavioral adjustment models 
  • Substance misuse treatment 
  • Life Skills lessons
  • Personal Development skills
  • Interactive Topic Specific group sessions

Benefits of St George's Youth Facility

  • Teens in this adolescent-specific facility have the opportunity to be with their peers. This can give them a greater sense of comfort, connection, and understanding than those going through similar experiences.
  • The St Georges setting can help teens build essential life skills like communication, problem-solving, self-advocacy, and more.
  • Teens may also benefit from specialized treatments tailored to their age groups. These treatments include adolescent-focused therapy, adolescent-oriented activities, adolescent support groups, and family therapy.
  • The professionals at St Georges have a deep understanding of the issues facing teens today. This can allow them to provide support tailored to the adolescent’s needs and development.

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